A new way to interact.

Without the feeling of being watched! Facebook and Twitter are creeps. They abuse your data for monetary gain. We don't. We won't. Ever!


Your data is YOUR data. We will never collect, share, or sell your data! Ever.

You have a right to disappear

Netizens have the right to be forgotten if they decided to delete their account.

Live Free or Die Trying

The web should not be a spider web! At DingDash, you are truly free!

Speak Your Mind

Speak your mind and mind your own business. Everyone deserves the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of thought.

Connect with anyone, anywhere.

People from all over the world are connected to DingDash. Join in on the conversation!

Most of All, Have Fun!

We feel that information is being weaponized and social media is no longer fun. It should be, so we made it that way.